All the Good Summers

by Andrew & Noah VanNorstrand

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released May 17, 2010

Great Bear Records

Andrew VanNorstrand: vocals, fiddle, acoustic and electric guitars, octave mandolin, banjo
Noah VanNorstrand: vocals, fiddle, mandolin, tenor guitars, acoustic guitar, percussion
Pete Sutherland: piano, keyboards, pump organ
Kevin Dorsey: acoustic and electric bass
Rachel Bell: accordion
Dana Billings: drums
Kailyn Wright: vocals
CV Abdallah: drums (tracks 1 and 4)

Produced by Andrew & Noah VanNorstrand
All music and lyrics by Andrew & Noah VanNorstrand
Engineer: Will Russell

Recorded, mixed and mastered at
Electric Wilburland in Newfield, NY
August - December 2009

Mixed by Will Russell, Pete Sutherland,
Andrew & Noah VanNorstrand

Mastered by Dana Billings

Graphic design by Brian Dudla
Photography by Jonathan Rothwell
Post production by Pat Burke

Thanks to God, Will, Sarah, Kailyn,
Rachel, Kevin, Dana, Pete and Mom


tags: folk Syracuse


all rights reserved


Andrew & Noah VanNorstrand Syracuse

Powerful songwriting, explosive improvisation, deep dance grooves and a unique vision for the future of American roots music. That's what Andrew & Noah are bringing to festival stages, concert halls, living rooms and dance floors all over North America. Their original material might best be described as Americana Groove: roots rock, alt-folk, bluegrass, celtic, jazz, zydeco and world music. ... more

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Track Name: Jetstream
Nothing to shade my eyes
I don't hide the sun
And I don't rest my feet
Until the day is done
When I look to the sky
I see a jetstream
People travel same as I
But I'd rather dream

Nothing but a song
Nothing but a prayer
And I have had
Heartaches to spare
'Cause I keep thinking of
Hair as red as the rose
So my heart is a slave
As my freedom grows

People ask me why
I ran away
I just ask them how
How could you stay
'Cause my home has no roof
It has no walls
But the horizon is wide
And the sky is tall
Track Name: Samuel Mason
Samuel Mason, that is my name
I left Fort Henry seeking fortune and fame
I came from Virginia a long time ago
But now I am a pirate along the Ohio

Murder and robbery, those are my crimes
I'll lure you in with women and wine
Hurricane Island seals your fate
For from this shore there is no escape

Be wary oh you travelers along the Ohio
For I'm the cruelest villain this river has known
The lawmen can't catch me though ever they try
Mark my words, they won't take me alive

Samuel Mason, that is my name
Running from the law is a dangerous game
Down the Mississippi, that's where I'll go
But once I was a pirate along the Ohio
Track Name: Faded to a Dream
She smiled at me
And said why don't we
Go outside
She opened the door
And I heard the roar
Of the rain from the sky

I couldn't help but stare
As the rain washed her hair
And ran down her face
She took me by the hand
Through puddles we ran
Down the street we raced

Summer has, come at last
But don't it seem
Like all the good summers
Have faded to a dream

I stopped her with a smile
We stood there for a while
Her cheek I kissed
And it's been so many years
Without her near
That summer I miss
Track Name: You Are the One in My Dreams
Oh, sing me to sleep
Sing as I cry
Your melody weeps
Of quiet goodbye
Oh, where have you gone
My lover my friend
Is it too late now
Is this really the end

You are the one in my dreams
And I don't know what that means
You are the one that I see
And I only wish I could be

What have I done
You were once mine
Have I thrown all my pearls
To the dogs and the swine
Oh, touch me now
Let me feel your hand
I've fallen so low
I can't understand
Track Name: Love and Winter
Your hands were cold
But you never mention
We walked through the woods
And barely spoke at all
Laid down in the snow
I could feel you breathing
And we tried not to move
Until we had to go

I didn't know your friends
Warm glow and conversation
I touched your arm in the dark
And hoped that no one saw
The snow was heavy on the trees
Still quietly falling
We would have kissed a thousand times
But we always turned away
Track Name: Only One Season
Will you stop and listen
Unto me will you attend
For I have only a moment
Before my time is at an end
Once I was a young man
And thought that I could do no wrong
Thought of only one season
When nights were warm
And days were long

Tell me how this happened
Was I such a fool from the start
I have believed my own lies
I've gone and broken my own heart
I'm sorry dear, I'm sorry
Sorry for the things I've done
I'm going now to slumber
Though I fear no rest will come

When will I awaken
When will I see spring again
And feel the ground a shaken
Will it be like it once was then
No I will not awaken
I've laid down to rise no more
The spell of life is broken
Farewell, oh earth's dark shore
Track Name: Elinor
I knew a man of wealth and fame
He was my love, Edward by name
His family thought me far too poor
And said that I'd see him no more

Once he tried to speak his mind
Though the words he could not find
That held me dear, this I know
But off to London he did go

A friend had caused this sad ordeal
Twas a young miss Lucy Steele
In confidence she spoke with me
And claimed that she was his bride to be

All my hopes have from me run
Yet of this I'll speak to none
Of pain and sorrow I've had my fill
But in my heart I love him still

How the world can seem unfair
Even so, I won't despair
For I know our love was true
And our lives are not yet through
Track Name: Where Should I Go
I'm going south to see Louisiane
I'm going south, I hope she understands
And I wonder where should I go from there

I'm going west to find my gold
I'm going west to find a hand to hold
And I wonder where should I go from there

See the stars up in the sky
They're shining brighter than the fourth of July
Singing me the sweetest lullaby
And I wonder where should I go from there

I'm going east, I'm going home
I've grown tired of rambling alone
And I wonder where should I go from there

I'm going north to sleep beneath the snow
I'm going where angels only go
And I wonder where should I go from there