Andrew and Noah Band

by Andrew & Noah VanNorstrand

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released March 31, 2012

Great Bear Records

Andrew VanNorstrand: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, banjo
Noah VanNorstrand: vocals, fiddle, mandolin, tenor guitars
Dana Billings: drums, percussion, organ, wurlitzer, rhodes
Chris Miller: soprano, tenor and baritone saxophones
Rachel Bell: accordion
Kailyn Wright: vocals

Shawn Conley: acoustic and electric bass
Kevin Dorsey: electric bass (tracks 5, 6, 7)
Alicia Aubin: trombone
Bryan Davis: percussion (tracks 1, 7, 8, 10)

All songs by Andrew and Noah VanNorstrand except "Buy For Me The Rain" by Steve Noonan and Greg Copeland (Warner-Tamerlane, BMI)

Produced by Dana Billings
Engineered by Will Russell
Graphic Design by Pat Burke
Cover Art by Tehben Dean
Photography by Angela Goldberg

Recorded and mixed at
Electric Wilburland
Newfield, NY

Mastered by Brian Dozoretz

Thanks to Will and Susan Russell, Angelo Peters, Chris Frank, Robbert Van Renesse, Eric Aceto, Sarah VanNorstrand, Kim and Dave Yerton and all our Kickstarter supporters


tags: folk Syracuse


all rights reserved


Andrew & Noah VanNorstrand Syracuse

Powerful songwriting, explosive improvisation, deep dance grooves and a unique vision for the future of American roots music. That's what Andrew & Noah are bringing to festival stages, concert halls, living rooms and dance floors all over North America. Their original material might best be described as Americana Groove: roots rock, alt-folk, bluegrass, celtic, jazz, zydeco and world music. ... more

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Track Name: Buy For Me The Rain
Buy for me the rain, my darling
Buy for me the rain
Buy for me the crystal pools
That fall upon the plain
And I'll buy for you a rainbow
And a million pots of gold
Buy it for me now, babe
Before I am too old

Buy for me the sun, my darling
Buy for me the sun
Buy for me the light that falls
When day has just begun
And I'll buy for you a shadow
To protect you from the day
Buy it for me now, babe
Before I go away

Buy for me the robin, darling
Buy for me the wing
Buy for me a sparrow
Almost any flying thing
And I'll buy for you a tree my love
Where a robin's nest may grow
Buy it for me now, babe
The years do hurry so

I cannot buy you happiness
I cannot buy you years
I cannot buy you happiness
In place of all the tears
But I can buy for you a gravestone
To lay behind your head
Gravestone's cheer the living dear
They're no use to the dead
Track Name: I Got It Bad For You
The night was still as a cooing dove
When first I met my own true love
I felt I'd walked into a dream
The finest woman I'd ever seen

What made me leave her I can't think
Too little sleep or too much drink
Now I've spilled my blood in a foreign land
And I'm going home as soon as I can

Now, what am I gonna do
Oh, I got it bad for you

Well curse this water rising high
Curse this thorn up in my side
My leg is shackled to a stone, oh Lord
And they're gonna roll it overboard

Now she's worth more than all I own
The finest woman I've ever known
She'll dance all night in a silver gown
But I love the way she lays me down
Track Name: Wish You Could See (How Little I Care)
How could you have left me here
How could you just disapear
There wasn't anything I wouldn't have done for you
Now tell me dear just what am I supposed to do

Guess I misread my crystal ball
Guess it wasn't so special after all
We could have been happy darling but you were never there
Now I wish you could see how little I care

It hurts to hear your name
Somehow I know we'll never be the same
I have to tell myself that it will be alright
But I wish you were with me here tonight
Track Name: Pilgrim
I got nothing but, nothing but sandals on my feet
Could you spare, could you spare me something to eat
Loving you and hugging you and kissing you is gonna be so bittersweet
I got nothing but, nothing but sandals on my feet

I catch a train, catch a train but I don't pay
Because I get where I'm going by the end of the day
Ain't nobody waiting at the station for me anyway, no
I catch a train, catch a train but you know I don't pay

I am a pilgrim, a pilgrim without a home
Walking down somebody else's road
Take what I find and I make it my own
And I keep walking till they put me under my gravestone

Well I get off somewhere outside of Toledo
I've been traveling, traveling incognito
Where am I going and how do I get there, God only knows
Will I end up in the rain or in the snow

I got a little lady waiting at the end of the line
I put my thumb in the air, try to get a ride
Brake lights flash and a car slows down, I climb inside
Who should it be but my lady at the end of the line

I am a pilgrim, a pilgrim without a home
Walking down somebody else's road
Wish I could stay but I have to go
And I keep walking till the put me under my gravestone
Track Name: Marin
Do you remember Marin
And the way that the sand
Would slip through our hands
The glow of the sun on your skin
And the taste of the air
When nobody cared

Do you remember Marin
And the way that you laughed
We never asked
How did this ever begin
In a moment so free
With just you and me

Do you remember Marin
We drove out Point Reyes
And the sound of the waves
You told me to look within
But every moment dies
I hung my head and I cried
Track Name: Fields A Burning
Oh don't you know
I feel the day will come
When all of our scheming
Will surely come undone
Will we ever listen
Will we ever change
What will we do
With our time that remains

My will has been broken
I can't lift my head
My friends have all left me
And counted me as dead
There are so many
Things I can't undo
But oh if only
I hadn't been untrue

The world is full of madness
Murder and deceit
The fields are a burning
There's fighting in the streets
But slowly a chorus
Is rising 'bove the din
Crying God help us
Wash away our sins
Track Name: Lady Night
Oh lady night, you been around too long
Singing that same sad song
So bring out the day
Let her shine all my troubles away
Lady night go away

Oh lady night, tell the moon to go down
So the sun can come around
I want to feel her rays
I miss all the warmth of the day
Lady night go away

Oh lady night, take your leave
Won't you make believe
That you were the day
Put on your cloak of grey
Lady night go away

Oh lady day you been gone too long
I can't remember the robin's song
All I see is the night
So won't you please bring out the light
Oh lady day bring out the light
Track Name: I Have Seen The Lord
I have been dancing everywhere I go
And I have been telling everyone I know
Oh, I have seen the Lord

Why do you frown when the sun is shining
Why do you frown when you could be smiling
Oh, I have seen the Lord

When I look around darling I'm amazed
At all of the beauty in this place
Oh, I have seen the Lord
Track Name: White Crane
Sparrow, sparrow
Fly the straight and narrow
She left me, she left me
She done walked right out the door

Swallow, swallow
Won't you follow
And tell me, tell me
Does she love me anymore

Nighthawk, nighthawk
A thousand miles I'd walk
But in the darkness, darkness
Won't you go in my stead

Hoot owl, hoot owl
Help the nighthawk on his prowl
And find her, find her
I'm about to loose my head

Buzzard, buzzard
Tell me what you've heard
Is it good news, bad news
Circle high, circle low

Black crow, black crow
I'm a lonesome fellow
And tell me, tell me
Which way did she go

White crane, white crane
It'll never feel the same
She was the best girl, best girl
That I had ever found

Bluebird, bluebird
Don't you know I love her
She's in the city, the city
And she ain't coming back around
Track Name: Sweet Mine
Sweet mine, sweet mine
I'll take my sweet time coming home

If the moon had a string hanging down
I'd shut off the night
You wouldn't see what I had done
And neither would I

If the stars weren't shining in my eyes
I could hide all these tears
You'd forget all my lies
And I could sleep without this fear

If I keep on driving down this road
I could leave your pain behind
And I will escape from your city's glow
Once I cross that state line